What is what

Always updated situation.

There are some general rules that apply both to the management of any device and to the situation, that are small, everyday measures that are fundamental for having the pulse of the situation in the workplace that are not always clear and up-to- date. And the doubt? That too is very important, because understanding its origin allows us to identify what has been compromised and at what time it happened and then bring clarity and balance into our entourage. It is understood that staying anchored to concrete facts and avoiding paranoia an indispensable and necessary condition!

The human sensation is the first, and most important, alarm bell. In 43% of cases, the theft of company data is to be charged to the work of unfaithful employees rather than to hackers active in industrial counterintelligence operations (Intel Security, 2017, editor’s note). The reflection is perfectly logical: when one of your employees does a wrong thing what comes first, the big problem or your feeling about that specific employee? Nine times out of ten, you have the feeling that something in the gear is running badly and it is only later that, through more or less unconscious associations, you realize that someone has actually done something wrong. But you still do not know what and you do not know who it was.

The return of confidential information from third parties, with all the unpleasantness of the case, is one of the great classics of this series. Which then can lead to a loss of internal information or money, the failure to conclude a deal or a contract, as a starting point from which to start looking for “the flaw”, it does not matter. If there is a suspicion of having had an intrusion, this has probably happened and from here the industrial counterintelligence action will begin to give an identity, 100% certain, on the source that has spread the news.

Paying attention to the morphology of your workplace, usually is not among the rituals included in the arrival at the office. It is a systematic error to forget, or worse still not to do at all, that everything is positioned as you left it, that nothing has disappeared, that your password has already been entered that is that someone has entered illegally environment. Differently, they are practices that should be included in “the top five” of the good rules to be practiced every day.

Another particular to note is certainly the change of certain behaviors in the components of its staff. Spurts of dialogue, stealthy looks, unusual attitudes or changes of tone towards: “No mortal can keep a secret: if the lips remain silent, speak the fingers”, said Freud in the distant 1900s. The integration of verbal communication with metacommunication and non-verbal communication means that interpersonal communication is not based exclusively on the words spoken; gestures, involuntary movements and expressions generated in the absence of mental filters are very difficult to alter and an analysis in this sense, however descriptive, is sometimes more credible than a thousand words.

Without the need for further justifications, even doubts or suspicions not substantiated by actual evidence, in some situations they are legitimate motivations to be satisfied to live better. Valid examples can be examples, cases of more or less large investments in money, various types of transactions and all those cases in which we start a relationship with unknown people who must have the solid foundations that can only be built on trust and clarity.

The indications perceived before the intervention of a professional are of fundamental importance. The suspect somehow pays, even if only by teaching to pay attention to the world around us and its dynamics, to the small signals that every day provide valuable clues. So it is the perception of abnormality, sometimes, at the forefront to save privacy.