Point Security

Basic prevention.

Some security measures may seem outdated, but could be vital to the efficiency of your company. Here are 10 security measures to add immediately to your company.

1.Detect wireless access points that offer your wireless network outside company infrastructure

Anyone’s wireless network will show up when they are near the wireless access point. Make your staff test out which areas outside the building offer your Wi-Fi, to have more information on where it shows up.

2.Use a detection of intrusion system

This will alert you when someone who does not have an authorized device has entered into your wireless system. It can also alert who is using the Wi-Fi, and from which device.

3.Use multiple wife systems

For more exclusive information create another Wi-Fi system where only select personal have accesses too, this can deter hackers from accessing what they thought was the main Wi-Fi, and make it easier to track who is using it.

4.Multiple Authentication

Create multiple authentication systems for one entry, and have it at random. Using ID, facial scanning, fingerprint technology, scanning authentication card, and passwords. Create it that so every time you enter it asks you for various identifications at random. This can make it more difficult for internet hacking.

5.Disable wireless access on devices not needed

Staff may need to use an older modelled phone at work, or disable the Wi-Fi, this can be useful for internal and external hacking, making it more difficult to use someone’s personal device for hacking.

6.Secure coding practices

Make sure that staff is trained in secure coding, and all systems are updated

7.Create web application firewalls

Track all traffic on your website to have deeper information on who is checking your site.


Routinely test your own system, decipher who and how can hack by doing it yourself. Approach the attack in multiple ways, online hacker, web applications, and wireless attacks. If you can hack your system someone else can too.

9.Practice with the team

Train and teach staff how to respond to cyber-attacks, making this routine will make any errors easier to be dealt with.

10.Designate staff for prevention and incident response

Having a team specialized in each situation will give you company an upper hand. Being able to exclusively follow this task, makes them expert in dealing with the situation.