Attention, please: Malware!

Security alert

The data is clear, the number of devices that are being compromised has doubled even since 2017 whether it’s your PC, smart phone or tablet. So how do you avoid this from happening? Here are the 5 most common signs.

1.Fake antivirus messages

These messages often appear when the damage has already been done. This is because hackers will try to redirect you, to a product to buy, but by then the system has already been compromised.

2. The web application is not doing what it is designed to do

If the web application is taking longer than it normally does, or is not working as it normally would, strange ads popping up, and other abnormalities is often a sign that the system has been compromised.

3. Abnormal activity on privileged user accounts

If a privileged users account is being used at odd hours, or updating old files. Most companies know what is and isn’t in the norm. Privileged users will often be over looked because they are trusted.

4. Strange emails from within the company

Taking advantage of the trust between colleagues is another issue. A strange file sent to you from work, can mean that once the file is downloaded they have access to your personal and work information, allowing them to hack the system quicker.

5. Webcam light flickers

If webcam light flickers this can mean that someone has hacked any webcam or computer camera. This may be a more personalized attacked as someone is trying to directly collect information.