Electronic Countersurveillance & Countermeasures?


The practice of industrial counter espionage is primary in prevention, in any work environment, where businesses and companies need to protect their assets. This goes for public companies and industries as well as private ones. The point of this practice is to guarantee maximum-security when using, transferring, and teaching security methods within your business. Our job is to prevent, and to fix security breaches, on intellectual property, theft, and leaking of information.

The process of prevention is based on the daily technologies used by the companies or by private persons. We work to ensure that all electronic devices and are safe to use, as well as add security features, that help prevent these security breaches. We use a variety of methods to check if the devices being used within the company have been compromised, or are at risk of being hacked. We also leave our clientele with detailed reports of our analysis and their security and technological systems, and what further action to take.

In conclusion, our job on behalf of Securcorp, is to create the safest environment possible for our clientele. If requested we create personalized corporate security plans, personalized for each individual intervention and/or company.