Cyber ​​Security: a necessary choice

On Monday, March 9, 2020, Italy officially enters a lockdown due to Covid-19 and millions of people are forced to change their daily habits and lifestyle also, and not least, regarding the working sphere. In parallel, the Cyber Cime reorganized itself to exploit this operational aspect to its advantage and to strike. Whatever you say, from that day the viewfinder has been aimed at the majority of companies, if not the totality, because the need to settle quickly to the smart working mode, with all the necessary problems, has made itself felt with arrogance both by the companies that were not prepared for this eventuality, both in the realities that already used it but who found themselves having to guarantee, and support in this asset, a decidedly greater number of users.

The scenario observed saw limited legacy infrastructures both as regards the support of requests for VPN connections and in the zero trust approach to their networks for a number of devices connected remotely to a network that was not ready to support them. And this only by stopping at a superficial analysis which, by itself, outlines the traits of a reflection on an underlying weakness that must be made its own and resolved by every entrepreneur present and responsible for his own company. We are talking about the awareness of essential issues from today onwards that relate to secure agile work networks, and therefore, in cascade, the “lack” of security, because among the folds of these shortcomings, Cyber Crime, in recent months, it recorded significant growth, which instantly became exponential, which shows no signs of recession.

We will not tell you that in the Covid-19 contingency, from the malware point of view, it is phishing that takes the lead by taking advantage of consolidated habits. We won’t even tell you that the current infection vectors used in Italy see 90% of the malware propagated through email and only 10% on the Web. For practical purposes, it does not matter to remember that in a cloud scenario it is up to the cloud / service provider the protection of information, because it is the owner company to take charge of the security of its data. And the State Police, together with the National Cyber Anticrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures of the Postal Police (Cnaipic), confirms what has been said so far: Italian companies are under attack.

This is why it is essential to approach the issue of data protection in a global way, with a structured and personalized project that takes into account the characteristics of the cloud, the data center, clients and mobile devices because a weak link in this chain puts at risk the entire infrastructure and from there, every sector of your business.

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