Covid 19 Prevention Products

Detection of the temperature for customers, employees and suppliers is a crucial factor for the reopening of companies and commercial activities in the so-called “Phase 2”. In fact, given the recent provisions concerning the legislation decreed by the “Protocol of March 14, 2020 on the regulation of measures for the contrast and containment of Covid-19” together with the incontrovertible compliance with the Workers’ Statute, the task of preparing and preserving health security in the workplace it is entrusted to the responsibility of the employer. The same document expressly states: “The staff, before entering the workplace, may be subjected to body temperature checks. If this temperature is higher than 37.5 °C, entry to the workplace will not be allowed”.

For this purpose, SecurCorp offers one of the most effective proposals regarding access control solutions with anti-contagion body temperature measurement which includes the most efficient products in the categories of infrared thermometers, infrared thermo-scanners, thermo-cameras for the temperature measurement and verification of the presence of the mask and the detection of the body temperature of groups of people.

The importance of finding the most suitable tool for your business is self-evident.

SecurCorp, for the entities that do not supervise the entrance and are not equipped with access control systems with turnstile, believes that the detection of temperature through a thermo-scanner is an ideal solution because it gives the possibility to manage the operation independently through special thermo-chamber positioned on a tripod. The detection of body temperature is carried out on an individual, respects the containment procedures and is GDPR compliance.

On the other hand, for access to rooms equipped with a garrison at the entrance and / or an access control system with a turnstile, the temperature monitoring and mask presence systems are certainly the most functional. SecurCorp, in this case, will take care of supplying and installing systems equipped with temperature detection on a single person with alarm on reaching 37.5 °C and/or lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with immediate closure of a turnstile (if any).

If there is a garrison at the entrance and / or large open gates and extended external appliances in which the risk of assembly is a real danger, SecurCorp’s advice is certainly the use of data collection systems such as thermal cameras for temperature detection of groups of people at the same time that generate reports of access flows and streamline circulation in large-scale environments in an absolutely safe way.

So, if you are looking for a professional device to measure the body temperature of your company’s employees, consult our e-commerce and you will find the ideal solution for your needs or contact us, without obligation, for more information.