Warning labels

5 situations that should not be underestimated.

There are often security measures that are not considered, but these can often save businesses owners from losing data. Here are 5 things to apply to your business.

1_Security awareness program

Having a security awareness program updates your staff on relevant and current information and keeps everyone up to date on new security details that may be key to your company’s success. Making sure the program is constantly updated means that learning new information will become part of the staffs regiment.

2_Train in security identification

Identifying codes, numbers and various data from false ones can help protect company information. A team that can properly identify correct and false information can protect the entity of the company.

3_Train work force members on identifying and reporting

“See something say something”. Training personnel to report usual information is key, recognizing a glitch in the system or incorrect data can keep company information safe, and strengthen the company’s reputation.

4_Training on unintentional data exposure

Training staff on how to set up your phone in case it gets lost or stolen, how to set up emails so you do not email the wrong person by mistake, and or accidentally pocket calling someone, are small but significant details that can keep information safe.

5_Train workforce on social engineering hacks

Fake advertising, phone calls, and impersonation calls are not always detectable to regular people. Your teams awareness and attention to these details will tighten security and limit data loss.