Covid-19 & Countespionage

Coronavirus emergency: our country is one of the first to stop in an attempt to stem the transmission of the virus and not trigger the epidemiological catastrophe. Schools start and then the shops, the meeting points dedicated to social life and finally even the workplaces. 49 days in which the Covid-19 has certainly opened personal reflections on our habits, our domestic routine and daily work.

Lockdown means staying at home and having no, if not strictly necessary, contacts with anyone, Lockdown means empty streets, closed shops, offices and deserted factories.
Focusing on this point we highlight a situation, certainly collateral but no less dangerous, which someone considered as an exceptional and unexpected opportunity to install interception / recording systems with the aim of capturing confidential information concerning the success of your business.

An unfaithful employee? A disgruntled partner? Too ambitious a competitor? Unfortunately, rudimentary technology are within anyone’s reach and the time factor may have played a key role in the installation of these devices within the walls of your business, without the slightest hint on your part. Reclaiming an environment that is a home, an office or a car means identifying electronic bugs, micro-cameras, microphones and GPS locators that could spy on you, even if exposed in stand-by mode.

SecurCorp thanks to years of experience as a leader in the specific sector, through technicalities and sophisticated electronic equipment, without invasive actions in the furnishings, room architecture or mechanics of your vehicles, is ready to intervene through inspections carried out with the utmost reserve.

Attention, this is the point: it is not said that an intervention must be carried out when the violation of privacy has already been perpetrated, the plus of this service is the preventive measure. In general, having the advantage consists in identifying in advance weak points of the environments, to make them safe before the damage occurs. And this is precisely our advice: take prompt action to limit the extent of the consequences you may face.

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