Maritime security


The adoption of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facilities Security) and SOLAS security procedures consists of a combination of measures and human resources to protect shipping from intentional unlawful acts.

The main objective is to establish an international cooperation framework to prevent security threats and to record preventive measures to avoid any accidents involving ships and port facilities. In the foreground also establish responsibilities and roles at both national and international level to ensure maritime safety, safeguard the correct collection and exchange of security information, offer a methodology for safety assessments to prepare plans and procedures for a prompt reaction to changes in security levels, while ensuring that adequate and proportionate maritime security measures are in place.

In this framework, Securcorp designs and implements security plans for ships, anti-piracy armed escorts, escorts for the repatriation of illegal immigrants found on board and illegal immigrants and at the same time trains security personnel working in countries at risk, in accordance with IMO directives ( International Maritime Organization).

The staff used by Securcorp, of very high professional profile, operates with international experience in the field of safety at sea.