Post Covid19: the workplace

Closed the quarantine chapter which in the National Emergency Plan has been called “Phase 1”, we are at the beginning of “Phase 2”, that is, a period of coexistence with Covid19 during which we will see a partial decrease in the emergency health measures due to favor of a recovery of the activities. In a nutshell we will return to produce, sell and buy but in a different way, because precautions, approaches, living spaces, methods, social and professional behaviors, for a period of time still to be defined, will be different.

Covid-19 represents a precise biological risk is a fact confirmed by the classification in the Consolidated Law on Health and Safety (Legislative Decree April 9, 2008, n.81 Text coordinated with Legislative Decree August 3, 2009, n.106 Rev. January 2019) to the point that on March 14, the trade unions and employers’ organizations, at the invitation of the President of the Council, the Ministers of Economy, Labor, Economic Development and Health, signed a “Shared regulatory protocol measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace“.

This document, taking into account what has been issued by the Ministry of Health, contains guidelines shared by the social partners to facilitate companies in adopting anti-contagion safety measures. In particular, the agreement emphasizes that the resumption of production activities can only take place provided that adequate measures are taken to ensure protection from the virus of workers, suppliers and users by following the indications provided in the aforementioned protocol.

SecurCorp, with its own team of specialists, absorbed the precepts of the current legislation, is ready to support your business in the restart in anti-Covid-19 mode. Whether it is the practice of entering the company and the most effective screening on temperature control in view of the turnout; whether these are solutions for the daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of the company with respect to the most appropriate products for the activities carried out in the various environments; whether it is personal hygiene precautions to be taken and safeguards to be made available to employees and the public. Our consultants will also intervene with respect to more complex issues such as the adoption of individual safety devices (PPE) if the activities carried out impose a distance of less than one meter to the workers and it is not possible to adopt different solutions making it necessary to use masks or plexiglass protections between the workstations, for example, or with respect to the choice of specific access-control systems for common areas and monitoring of company areas.
Given that, by law, the activities that will take time to adapt to these measures may suspend or reduce the activity, it is useful to clarify the ideas on one’s position in order to be prepared and start again as soon as possible.

SecurCorp experts are at your disposal for advice on a reorganization in line with ministerial directives. Contact us, therefore, without obligation, for more information.