Chatting with Securcorp

Punctual, precise and elegant: I meet the owners of the Securcorp agency in a very “wolves” evening.

Three minutes of formality then the atmosphere relaxes and we start talking about them, about us, about work and the world we live in. She, Giovanna, is certainly a particular woman: penetrating, endowed with an acute intelligence, inquiring in spite of herself, or rather, by instinct; Gianluca, on the other hand, proves to be an interesting orator, technically sufficient, abundantly pragmatic, made up of a right mix of method, experience and intuition.

They fully embody the characteristics of their agency: ethical rating enviable by the category, a culture that derives seriously from the cult for knowledge and for the most useful and disparate knowledge, and innate ability to listen, feel, understand and immediately evaluate the traits of the reality that surrounds them.

They talk about their job by telling experiences, peculiarities and challenges that are not felt every day, with the voice of responsible professionals, scrupulous tones and the disenchanted attitude of those who “have seen so many”. Let’s see what.

How was our company born and how is it formed?

From both professional training and personal experience, in addition to the proven specific skills in the sector in which it operates, Securcorp is born from the merger of two minds that have acquired and refined over time, the ability to perceive and evaluate the micro-signals that regulate the risk level of the different situations, professionalism and sector skills crucial for resolving conflicts of various kinds.

What do you offer your customer?

Securcorp wants to give the client, immediate benefits inherent in the spheres of security and tranquility. The immediacy, on which we place a particular accent, is generally considered by the client to be a very important aspect considering the state of urgency in which we are contacted and the delicacy of the sectors involved; on the other hand, it derives from the certainty of being able to arrive at an intervention framework that can be activated from the first supervision, especially with regard to risky behavior. Not least the fact that under our guidance, the customer can immediately put in place a series of procedures to limit the extent of the damage suffered. It will be our intervention in a series of successive moments, the definitive resolution of the problem.

What does security mean for you? In which sectors can you research?

Protecting oneself is a duty and a necessity, we help our client to achieve the important status of an unassailable person. I do not deny that arriving at this level is not a simple thing above all because security, which by definition is a condition that makes you feel free from threats and dangers, and at the same time gives the possibility to prevent, eliminate or contain damage , risks, difficulties, unpleasant events, etc.,

What weight does the experience have in your sector?

Those who turn to Securcorp find a company that avails itself of experience and experienced professionals in the field of security, from simple surveillance, to armed stocks, to Safety and Security, to the management of complex alarm systems and video surveillance, to electronic countermeasures (remediation), planning events, important business meetings, solutions implemented in thousands of situations experienced over the years. The plus of our company is certainly the direct knowledge of contexts and solutions, acquired in first person with the observation, use and practice of a vast repertoire of national and international cases and realities, both in the real world and in the virtual web. In this sense, we can safely say that we can manage all kinds of circumstances and contingencies.

What are the salient phases of the preliminary organization of your work?

Changing behavior at risk of managers at a managerial level who have proven experience and important roles in the most disparate professionalism is a task that requires the essential qualities of discretion, confidentiality and tact. We are aware of the fact that those who ask for our intervention allow us to enter “his home” in a moment of particular fragility, and that for a happy resolution of the situation are fundamental respect, respect and fair play, all the prerogatives of our team. An uncommon feature of Securcorp is the ability to observe what is “out of place” and then make order, especially rectifying habits that if perpetrated may prove dangerous for everyday life and professional activity, thus avoiding the possibility of having damage both cheap than image.

Behavioral suggestions, then?

More than anything else are real guidelines recommended in reference to needs really evaluated and weighed by the experience of those who have different mental structures and more trained in this sense. These are essential indications for effective results. Whether lasting over time depends on the constancy of the individual.

Are the clients who come to you exclusively managers and entrepreneurs?

Our client is the one who wants to protect his intellectual or physical properties. Thanks to our precedents we have available a dense network of collaborators that allow us to offer a wide range of services such as National and International Heritage Visure with various levels of completeness, data protecion officer and privacy management, due diligence, loss prevention, protocol of ISO/IEC 27000K, 27001 auditing or web reputation, to give examples, which can be combined according to the needs in a very flexible way, so as to ensure a really wide range of action. Electronic environmental remediation and cyber security remain our specialization.

When is competence important today?

It is essential to be competent in the subject at least as much as it is to be honest. The relationship we build with our client is based on trust, not on false promises that when they are disregarded deeply disappoint. We are supporters of honesty regardless, we  put ourselves at the service of the customer with the serious intent of restoring serenity and order by virtue of the highest values, also resolving any further unforeseen that may occur along the way.